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What are the improvement methods of the slitter in operation?

Published:2022-09-28 16:12:35  Views:433

What are the improvement methods of the slitter in operation? The slitting machine also has a very good negative impact on the segmentation of many textile categories of paper products, but we do not know that we also need to change the machinery and equipment in operation, and we also have our own skills and requirements for the method of change. What are the improvement methods of the next slitting machine in operation?

In the past, the speed of the magnetic particle clutch of the slitting machine cannot be high. Because it is easy to cause rapid rejection of the magnetic particle during operation, causing high temperature and reducing its life span, it will get stuck when it is harsh, causing the equipment to run at a standstill and producing very harsh results for production. The strictness harms the legal effect of production and manufacturing. At present, double frequency conversion motor control is adopted to promote the magnetic particle rejection to be at a certain scalar value through frequency conversion motor control when the unwinding material diameter increases. It is not easy to show high temperature.

The traditional control scheme of the slitter is to use a large motor to drive the shaft of the telescopic roll, add a magnetic particle clutch to the telescopic secret medicine, and control the friction resistance caused by the magnetic particle clutch through adjusting the current amount of the magnetic particle clutch, which is named as the tension of the control material. The magnetic particle clutch and brake system is a special integrated executive component. It is a magnetic particle transmission torque that has been filled in the working gap. Changing the magnetic current flow is likely to change the magnetic condition of the magnetic particle, so as to adjust the transmission torque. It can be used as a non variable speed from zero to the same speed, and is good for fast section adjustment and a variable speed management system for small and medium-sized output power. It is also used to adjust the torque by adjusting the electric flow to ensure the continuous and firm tension during the rewinding process. The slitting machine has been developing from single motor control to dual motor and three motor control, which makes it more robust when the equipment speed is faster.



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