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How much do you know about the common sense and function of leather slitter

Published:2022-09-28 16:21:38  Views:440

As for the common sense and function of leather slitting machine, you know how many slitting machine manufacturers, with the progress of soft packaging automation, and the attention paid by consumer goods manufacturers to reducing the inefficiency and contamination of the central link, have gradually modified the process flow to replace manual packaging with a more proactive packaging line. With the increasing demand for coiled materials, the position of the slitter is becoming increasingly important, which puts forward a higher request for the task effectiveness of the slitter. When it comes to the task effectiveness of the slitting machine, many people feel that the task effectiveness of the slitting machine is only related to the speed of the slitting machine. Otherwise, I think the task effectiveness of the slitting machine is related to the following factors: cutting speed, product rate, non operation time occupation, immutability, etc. It is true that the cutting speed is an important goal of the slitter's task effectiveness. However, if the product rate is low, it will not only lead to the low task effectiveness of the whole machine, but also lead to the cost recovery. Similarly, if non operation takes a long time, such as machine adjustment, tool adjustment, tool change, material change, joint connection, roll change, and problem handling, it will not be interesting to improve the speed of the slitter purely. Needless to say, the invariance of the slitting machine will not only affect the task effectiveness of the slitting machine, but also affect the product quality, and will cause trouble and unnecessary waste in the next process. Therefore, the task effectiveness of the slitter is a comprehensive concept. In the process of slitting, the constant tension system is an important goal to ensure the product quality. The leather slitter manufacturer controls the mutual tension between unwinding, traction, slitting and rewinding, so that the slitting data is always in a stable state in the process of slitting. If the tension is properly controlled, the deformation and drift of the original data can be avoided in the process of mechanical speed up and speed down. The individual unwinding tension is slightly greater than the sum of the winding shaft tension. Most of the previous slitting machines used magnetic particle separator to control the tension. However, the speed of the separator could not be higher, which would easily lead to high-speed friction of magnetic particles during operation, resulting in high temperature, shortening its life, and in serious cases, it would get stuck and cause the machine to run against the wall. With the development of science and technology and the application of servo driving skills, most of the current vector frequency conversion motors are used to control the tension system of the slitting machine. With the active detection of the swing roll, the man-machine interface is intuitive, and the tension system is more stable, solid and easy to operate.



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